Welcome to the world of AICAR Alumni, a bunch of young, energetic and inspired minds with a mission to transform the convention-riddled world around them into a bright and dynamic place under the sun.

Within a year of spreading their wings AICAR Alumni have soared high across industries and organizations and glorified the name of the institution.

The alumni of AICAR Business School are recognized for the revolutionary ideas they bring in everywhere. For them, revolution means reconstruction not deconstruction.

To stay together for life, the alumni of AICAR created a platform named "AICAR Alumni Association", commonly known as AAA.The association aims to act as a coordinator among the alumni who are spread all over the country and abroad.

The association envisions fostering the sense of togetherness, acting as a forum for all alumni, working together to strengthen the brand "AICAR Business School".

The association encourages everyone associated with AICAR Business School to actively participate in its present and future activities.

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